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Meet Vicci


I've been teaching Pilates since 2014 and am passionate about helping people reach their movement goals so they can get out and enjoy their activities to the fullest.


I came to pilates in my mid twenties after years working with horses and realising I was so stiff and thought that couldn't be normal for my age!! With my background as a BTEC Level 5 (2010) Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, adding Pilates to the mix was an obvious choice.  Encouraging massage clients that they could help themselves by managing their own pain issues with Pilates was revelatory.

My training journey started in 2014 where I studied STOTT Contemporary Pilates in London. I am Certified in Mat and Reformer and trained in Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. I'm also trained in Barre, Core and Injuries and Special Populations all under the STOTT brand. In 2023 I undertook Classical Reformer Training with OsteoPilates to understand the original method of how Joe Pilates would have taught it. My studio is equipped with 2 reformer tower combos, 2 arc barrels and one combo chair. My interest in the Biomechanics of movement started a whole new learning journey which saw me become a Biomechanics Coach and in 2023 a Pelvic Pro with Core Exercise Solutions with whom I'm currently studying Post Partum Corrective Exercise. Back tracking to 2020 with spare time due to Covid, I took the opportunity to gain my 200hr Yoga Certification with Your Yoga Flow. To add into the mix, I am also trained in the Spiral Stabilization Method, Art Of Motion Slings and a Level 2 Gym Instructor. All of these trainings allow me to have a good grasp of a variety of movement and plenty of tools in the box to use with the various people I see, as no two bodies are the same. I will always be a forever student enhancing my knowledge as there is always something new to learn in the fascinating world of movement.

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