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Reformer/Tower Pilates

Reformers are a great way to improve movement issues and strengthen up. In a private class we will go through movement tests such as a squat, straight leg raise, knee to chest and others to see where we can get you moving optimally.


What is a Reformer?

The Pilates reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. Think of a multi gym using spring resistance. The magic behind this is the eccentric lengthening , this is where your muscles lengthen under load. This way of strengthening gives you long and lean muscles. We can work any muscle at pretty much any angle with these fantastic machines. They are a wonderful rehab tool and combined with the towers and combo chair really do cover everything you need to work on your alignment and muscular control.


What do I wear?

You'll need leggings/gym trousers preferably with no zips, these can sometimes mark the reformers and a pair of gripper socks.

Duet Reformers £25 each person

If you are looking to share a pilates class with another person I can potentially put you in touch with a partner or you can find your own. If you turn up and your partner does not, then you will either need to pay the full price of a private session (£45) or your session will be reduced to a 30 minute 121.

How do I sign up?

Check the schedule below to see what works for you best, then simply get in touch to check availability via email.

You can book Private and Duet classes as single sessions.


What's the Cancellation Policy?

Duet and Private Reformer Classes you'll need to give me 24hrs notice if you can't make your appointment or full price of the class will be charged




121 class based entirely on you and how you move using the Reformer, Tower, Chair and Mat.

Monday Mornings

Tuesdays Mornings/Lunch

Wednesdays Mornings

Thursdays Mornings/Lunch




A 221 shared class. You'll need to find your own partner although I may be able to find one for you. You will use the Reformer, Towers, Barrels and Mat


Monday Mornings

Tuesdays Mornings/Lunch

Wednesdays Mornings

Thursdays Mornings/Lunch



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